Genius Brands opens Secret Millionaire’s online store

Genius Brands International continues to broaden the reach of its Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club brand by launching a new online store coinciding with April’s Financial Literacy Month.

The online store, developed in partnership with relentlessGENERATOR, can be accessed at

The store provides direct access to various products developed as extensions of the popular brand, including:

Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club – Business in a Box (US$19.99). This interactive play kit empowers children with everything they need to create their own business venture, be it a car wash or lemonade stand.  The kit includes toys, activities and DVDs, as well as a booklet with business tips from Mr. Buffett himself.

The book Secret Millionaires Club: Warren Buffett’s 26 Secrets to Success in the Business of Life (US$24.95) by Amy Heyward and Andy Heyward, co-authors and co-executive producers on the animated series. Published by Wiley, the book features all of the same lessons featured in the animated series. Chapters include, “Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes;” “Love What You Do;” “Protect Your Reputation;” “If You Fail, Try Again;” Confidence Comes With Understanding,” and many other lessons from Mr. Buffett, which he credits for his own success in life.