Not Your Average Princesses

SpacePOP is a girl's character entertainment property featuring music, fashion, friendship, and adventure! When the evil Empress Geela takes over the Planets of The Pentangle, five teenage princesses disguise themselves as musicians and form a band called SpacePOP. Their mission is to spread the message of freedom and joy through music and join the rebel resistance force to vanquish Geela, who has taken over their home planets and enslaved the inhabitants. 108 x 3' episodes have been produced along with the original pop music and story!

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SPACEPOP: Not Your Average Princesses<br><i>Sold Out!</i>

SPACEPOP: Not Your Average Princesses
Sold Out!

SPACEPOP: Rocking the Resistance<br><i>Sold Out!</i>

SPACEPOP: Rocking the Resistance
Sold Out!

Not Your Average Princesses<br><i>Sold Out!</i>

Not Your Average Princesses
Sold Out!


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