Rainbow Rangers Multipack Promotion


As a special thank you to our biggest Rainbow Rangers Superfans, we’re giving away 1000 hand signed and numbered, limited edition Rainbow Rangers Lithographs.

We’re also giving away 3500 Certificates of Authenticity with gold foil seals.

For the lucky first 1000 Rainbow Rangers Superfans to purchase the Team Rainbow Rangers Multipack and submit their proof of purchase here, we will send, for free, a hand signed, limited edition, Rainbow Rangers Collectible Lithograph, commemorating the first Rainbow Rangers toy.  We’ll also send you an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity for your toy and a gold foil seal to affix to the toy. 

For the next 2500 Superfans who submit proof of purchase, we will send you (for FREE!) an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity for your toy and a gold foil seal to affix to the toy.

All you need to do is:

  1. Go buy the toy at Walmart or here, at Walmart.com
  2. Fill out the form on this page
    • If you buy it in-store, you’ll need the TC # (the number at the bottom of your receipt)
    • If you buy it online, you’ll need your Order Number
  3. Wait for your Limited-Edition goodies to arrive
  4. Open them up and proudly display them!

*this offer is limited to one per household

Entry Form

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YES! – This is our gift to you our Rainbow Rangers Superfans.  For the lucky first thousand to submit proof of purchase for the first ever Rainbow Rangers toy through the form above, we will send a FREE hand signed, limited edition lithograph, and a Certificate of Authenticity with embossed seal for the toy. We’re even going to pay for postage. 

Lithography is a specialized printing technique that dates to the 18th century.  Of all the different printing techniques (like etching, linoleum carving, etc.) it is the one that most closely resembles painting.  To make the print, an artist draws the desired image directly onto a transfer plate using specialized lithography crayons.  After a long process of treatment, scraping, inking, pressing, voila!, out comes a lithograph. Our Rainbow Rangers lithographs are proudly Made in the USA with the highest quality inks and fine art paper.  They are collector quality and similar lithographs retail for $40.

Yes!  Many toys that become collectible are bought and sold for more than their MSRP, like a painting or sculpture that actually goes UP in price. 

These Lithographs, Certificates of Authenticity, and Seals will enhance the value of your toy and make it a proud piece for display.

The Team Rangers Multipack, features all seven Rangers plus Floof, their magical unicorn friend.  Rosie Redd, Lavender LaViolette, Anna Banana, Bonnie Blueberry, Indigo Allfruit, Mandarin Orange, Pepper Mintz AND Floof the Unicorn are all captured in vivid detail with articulated heads, arms and legs.  They arrive in stunning packaging that shows off the whole team with the Kaleidocave backdrop.

Each Lithograph includes a Certificate of Authenticity.  This certifies the provenance and legitimacy of the art. The Certificate also tells the exact number of this artwork in the series and each one is individually numbered.

The foil seal enhances collectability of the assortment. Each of the first 3500 customers to submit proof of purchase here will receive a Certificate of Authenticity for their toy, which includes a foil seal to affix to the front of the toy.

These lithographs are part of a series that is limited to 1000 pieces.  This is a special occasion and marks the first time Rainbow Rangers toys are available.  We won’t make any more of these, and you can’t go out and buy them.

Each lithograph is personally hand-signed by the series Director, Mike Maliani, and producer, Andy Heyward.