Stan Lee Blasts Off Into Space With Cosmic Crusaders

Marvel’s peerless writer/editor blazes onto the internet with an edgy animated series.

Cosmic Crusaders, the latest brainchild of the man who has been one of the brightest stars in the comic universe for most of the past century, is touching down on Earth. 

The animated sci-fi series stars a 2-D version of the legend himself, known for his impeccably timed Marvel movie cameos. He cruises down the highway to forget his writer’s block until he has a close encounter of the first kind with a brigade of exiled (and possibly deranged) extraterrestrials. The aliens zoom away in his convertible just in time to escape a swarm of black helicopters. What they don’t know—until a naked Strongarm, who looks as if a mad scientist spliced together the DNA of Thor and the Hulk in a petri dish, eavesdrops on a phone call— is that Lee has ulterior motives.   

These supernatural life forms are surprisingly human. They take Lee’s concept of the imperfect superhero to new heights. Earthlings will be able to relate to the winged, armored, lightning-throwing, laser-shooting heroes exactly because they aren’t infallible. As screenwriter and Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza put it, "They may save you, but they'll burn the whole house down." 

"I can't wait to bestow upon the world one of our latest creations, Stan Lee's Cosmic Crusaders," the comic luminary said. "Celebrating 75 years in the entertainment business is staggering enough, and as if this wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve joined forces with my friends at The Hollywood Reporter and Genius Brands International so you don't want to miss out on this event!"

Lee’s POW! Entertainment joins forces with The Hollywood Reporter and Genius Brands International to produce Cosmic Crusaders, which will stream a new episode here for every day of San Diego Comic-Con week through Friday. Watch for the aliens’ new costumes, and Strongarm’s “peculiar proclivities”, in the next episode.

Lee’s take on the series? “I love it! Naturally, I made it up.”