Genius Brands launches kids show ‘SpacePop’ on YouTube

Beverly Hills-based Genius Brands International Inc. has launched a new music and fashion-driven animated property, “SpacePOP,” exclusively on YouTube.

Genius Brands (OTCQB: GNUS) said “SpacePOP” is comprised of more than 100 serialized adventures featuring original music woven into a narrative that follows five teenage princesses who disguise themselves as musicians and form a band while they secretly plot to vanquish an evil eEmpress who is seeking to enslave the galaxy.

Beverly Hills-based Genius Brands International Inc. has launched a new music and… more

The first six videos will debut exclusively on the YouTube SpacePOP Channel. Following the premiere, two new “SpacePOP” videos will be released each week on YouTube, as well as across other digital platforms, including Toon Goggles, PopJam, BatteryPOP and the Kid Genius channel on Comcast's Xfinity on Demand platform.

Music will also be available on iTunes and Spotify. The content and music rollout will be followed by a fall 2016 merchandise launch at retail.

“SpacePOP”’s development and production team includes Steve Banks(head writer and story editor of “Sponge Bob Square Pants”) as content writer; Han Lee (“Pink Fizz,” “Bobby Jack”) for original character designs; producer and music veteran Ron Fair and singer songwriter spouse Stefanie Fair for the original “SpacePOP” theme music; and veteran music producer and composer John Loeffler for original songs.

“‘SpacePOP’ is a very unique brand, developed for girls in a manner that speaks directly to their passions as well as how they are consuming media," Genius Brands Chairman and Chief Executive Andy Heywardsaid in a statement. “We're premiering on YouTube primarily because of its popularity, as well as its forward-thinking approach to promotion. "

In addition to its premiere on YouTube, “SpacePOP” will also be a participant in YouTube Kids' Reading Program, which runs in June within the YouTube Kids app. The program will include “SpacePOP” music videos and kinetic text videos encompassing excerpts from the forthcoming book release (due out July 26 from Macmillan Publishing's Imprint).

GBI will also launch a number of digital marketing initiatives to support the “SpacePOP” launch.